Privacy Policy

Privacy is really important to us. It's also important to us to be upfront with our site users. Here we spell out what information we collect from users and what we do with it. By using this site you (the user) accept this policy.

Please note, this policy entails the information we have designed this site to collect and use. We are not in control of nor responsible for nor does this policy cover any information our web host may collect from you.

What We Collect and How We Use It

IP Addresses: Unless you take measures in your browser to avoid this, we may collect your IP address, a unique number used to identify a device on the Internet. This allows us to determine demographic information and measure site traffic.

Demographics: We may use your IP address to determine what city and state you visit our site from. This information is helpful to us when creating site content. We want to know how to address our audience. We may also collect what operating system you browse from. This helps us to support a variety of devices.


We never knowingly nor deliberately attempt to determine your name, email, or address.

Sharing Information

We never knowingly share information we collect from you unless required to do so by law or we suspect you are engaging in malicious activity against our site.

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