How to Woo Your Wife during Any at-Home Date Night

We have a lot of at-home date nights. They are cheaper and it’s easier to just do something after the little one goes to sleep than it is to co-ordinate babysitting and go somewhere.

But there’s a danger with at-home date nights. At least for me. I plan something nice — a drink, a dessert, some activities, give Chloe a massage, maybe prep some discussion questions, etc. Do you see the trap I fall into, though? I don’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Make it Special!

On any given night we might have a drink, a dessert, play a game, I might give her a massage, etc. Date night has to have something special, so that Chloe feels special. It doesn’t have to be all Jack Thornton-esque (a manly mounty in the show When Calls the Heart, he was fond of lighting dozens of candles and scattering thousands of rose petals for his lady) — but it’s totally feasible to light 1 candle and scatter a few rose petals.

And so what follows is a brainstorming list for myself containing out-of-the-ordinary things to do during at-home date nights*:

No Dollah$ Down

Light candles

Scatter rose / flower petals (assuming you can get these for free, it helps to have a garden or to go for walks where wildflowers grow)

Add theming touches to the night somehow:

  • Example: If watching a 50’s / 60’s movie, have food snacks — maybe something resembling diner food and milkshakes. One time I even arranged pillows and blankets on the floor like we were watching a drive-in movie in the back of a station wagon. (That was really spot-on since we were watching That Darn Cat, which has an extended scene at a drive-in.)

Prepare a few conversation-provoking questions

Dance to a special song (requires setting the mood somehow)

Diffuse essential oils

Make a special treat / drink

  • We don’t have any, but if couples have special songs why not also have special food and drink? All it takes is associating something with an experience to make it special. (Get on that, William…)

Clean the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the whole house) before-hand

Include a special side with dinner — something Chloe really likes

Make a card

Write a love-letter

Share brief, loving touches (e.g. hug, hand hold, place hand on the back momentarily, etc.)

Some Wallet Required

Buy flowers

  • Sometimes I pick up a bouquet at a grocery store; sometimes I go to a local boutique where I can request a particular arrangement

Theme the night somehow:

  • Example: Get Italian wine and serve it with a meat & cheese plate
    • Bonus: Look at pictures of our honeymoon in Italy while enjoying the food

Get a nice bottle of wine

Get a card

Get a small surprise present

* Note: I’m not writing date night plans here; I’m focusing on special touches that can be mixed into any night.

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