Banana & Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Well, I guess our lack of posts recently shows that we are still getting the hang of blogging. As the holidays and busy season came along, our ability to throw writing into the mix was completely annihilated. Sorry about that! Hopefully we will get back on a regular schedule now that the new year is getting to be not-so-new.

For our first post of 2016, I want to share this delicious and customizable smoothie recipe that William came up with one day in an attempt to offer me a cool, sweet, healthy recipe. It is one of our faves now.

This is the original recipe:

  • 1-2 dates
  • 1/3 melted chocolate bar
  • 3 Tbsp. ground nibs, dark chocolate chips, or unsweetened baking bar
  • 2/3 as much yogurt as frozen banana
  • hydrolyzed gelatin
  • coconut oil, honey, and honey crème (or crystallized honey) to taste
  • a little water to thin

Put everything in a blender.

You can see that this is a very simple banana chocolate smoothie full of vitamins, nutrients, protein, and delicious-ness!! Depending on what you want though, you can switch any of these mix-ins in and out with the main ingredients:

cocoa powder coconut shavings maple syrup chia seeds flax seeds butter, coconut cream raw milk, coconut milk, almond milk other fruit, frozen, fresh, or dried (as long as you keep something frozen in the recipe)

And that’s it! Simple and easy, this is a delicious snack for a protein pick-me-up. Enjoy!! :)

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