Will There Be Seasons in Heaven?

The seasons are a beautiful microcosm and example of our beautiful life cycle. We all know it and have all observed it. In the spring, we have new life and tons of growth. Plants, flowers, animals. It seems that everywhere we look, the colors and blossoms of fresh and new life are to be found. The days begin to lengthen, giving us more light. The weather is fresh and warm and reinvigorates us, also, giving us a rejuvenation of life. When spring comes, we throw open our windows and air the house out, we do spring cleaning, we plant fresh gardens. All over, spring is a time of newness.

In summer, plants and animals are in the prime of life. The trees are a mature green, no longer keeping their baby blossoms. Insects invade yards and the noise of crickets can be heard throughout the day and evening. Mosquitoes are everywhere, as are lightning bugs. The world is teeming, and the days are longer than during any other time of the year, bringing an abundance of light.

As summer draws on and turns into fall, life seems to slow. The trees begin to turn and die. The insect noises quiet. The animals prepare to hibernate. The air grows colder and the days shorter. The availability of fresh produce begins to wane.

And then comes winter. Dreadfully and bitterly cold. Frost kills any last plants. Very little can survive outside. We close up our houses and stay in. The days are quite short and the nights and darkness dominate. It seems that death has a grip on the world all over. But not for too long… as despite the cold and snow, the first blossom of spring, miraculously, springs forth again.

The seasons are a perfect model of life and death; however, humans were never meant to die. Death came for us with the advent of sin. So, it seems that seasons also must have made their debut with Original Sin. They are a sign to us, a reminder not only that our life will one day end, but that our life will also go on forever after death. They are a sign that not only are we dead in sin, but we are also alive in Christ, and his sacrifice gives us new life.

This is why the dreadful (in my opinion!) season of winter appears and dominates every year. Yes, winter brings many joyful things (warm, cozy clothes, snow, fresh air, hot chocolate, Christmas, etc.), but God brings good from everything. He would never give us a whole season of constant death and darkness. Additionally, I know that every season has its problems! However, because of sin, winter brings distress and death in ways more obvious than any other season (darkness, lack of fresh food, cold, pain and death for some, etc.). This is why, I believe, fresh food (one of the greatest joys in life) is so hard to come by in winter!

Did seasons exist before the Fall? I can’t say for sure, although my guess is no. However, if they did, they were definitely altered afterwards. Oh fortunate fall, oh happy fault say those of us who appreciate all the seasons have to offer. It is true: God makes good come from even the worst bad.

Will seasons exist after the end of the world? My guess is YES. Seasons will be glorified, just like our bodies and just like the rest of the earth. We will have all the joys of winter and all the joys of spring, summer, and fall, with none of the things we complain about! I sure do look forward to that time.

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