Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce / Frozen Bars


  • 4 parts cocoa powder
  • 2 parts coconut sugar (or other powdered sweetener)
  • 1 part butter (coconut oil will work too, but butter’s creaminess is better)
  • just under 1 part honey (the “syrupiness ” improves the consistency)
  • 1/2 parts water


  • Put cocoa powder, sugar, honey, and about half the butter in a pan or pot
  • Heat on medium and stir continuously until mixture starts to darken (the butter is melting)
  • Add water and rest of butter
  • Stir continuously until butter is thoroughly melted

At this point you have a very rich, very thick fudge sauce. You can use as is, or spread on parchment paper and freeze for several hours.

Tip: heating the entire mixture (as opposed to heating just the butter) helps ensure the result is smooth and without lumps.

Please note: it’s important the ratios be pretty exact. I’m still standardizing them, so this recipe is subject to improvement.

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